If you’re planning a trip out of town, chances are you will need to make accommodations for your furry member. Hiring a friend or neighbor to watch your pet is a good option. However, pet parents should consider a pet boarding kennel instead to ensure that they receive quality care and attention.

Here are the top 5 benefits of boarding your pet during vacation.

Receive Professional Care

Why leave pets at home with just anyone when you can have a professional take proper care of your pet? When you leave your animal to a boarding kennel, you will have a peace of mind knowing that they are in great hands with a highly-trained staff. Your pet will have regular exercise and will feel like he or she is on vacation. We use top quality collars, leashes and bedding and your pet is always in a clean environment. We also carry a full line of the same Yippr brand products we use here, that you can purchase for your home or automobile.

Boarding kennels are built with safety


Building with animal safety in mind, pet kennels provide the ideal place to let your pets stay when you are not around. Most boarding facilities offers individual kennels with both indoor and outdoor play spaces for high-security measures.

Ensure Proper Medical Attention

Does your pet have medications they need to take every day? The caretakers will ensure that they receive the proper dose and care as per exact directions. If your pet has any special needs, the staff will provide extra care and attention to ensure that they receive the overall stimulation while you are away.

Pets Stay Well Fed

A pet kennel will ensure that your pet is fed when needed, as direction. They will even give your pet the food you bring to a comfortable meal that it familiar. If your pet has special nutritional requirements, pet caretakers will meet their needs with a trained background and vet on staff.

Adequate Playtime

Instead of keeping your pet cooped up at home, let them enjoy a pet kennel where they can run around freely. There are many facilities that offer socializing playtime as long as the dogs are friendly.

Are you considering putting your pet in a kennel while you are away? Comment below and share your opinions with us!