When families go on vacation, they often struggle as to where to leave their furry members while they are gone. While some leave their pets with friends and neighbors, others consider kennels. However, within the past few years, home dog boarding has become a better alternative and a much-preferred option for the family.

In this guide, we will help you determine what choice is right for.

Here’s what you should know about kennels versus home boarding.


From a home environment, your dog will live with an experienced professional pet caretaker who will provide the extra care and attention for your dogs and treat them as their own. Your dogs will enjoy a personal stay that is fun and exciting in a safe and nurturing environment.

Dogs will receive a minimum of two walks a day by a professional walker. They will be kept on the lead unless given consent by the owner. The pet sitter will usually have a secure open space for your dog to roam. However, they will still be with a caretaker at all times. This will help you stay assured that they are in safe hands.

Another benefit to a home dog boarding is that your dog’s routine will remain the same as if they were at home. In terms of walks, feeding, medication, and bedtime; their daily routine will continue throughout their stay.

Pet sitters will offer a preliminary meet up to allow you to visit the home facility as well as meet the fellow resident dogs if any. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to determine whether their stay is ideal.


Kennels provide better security as they keep dogs in their safe enclosures. This means that any dogs who manage to slip by a staff member will still be enclosed by an outer fence. This situation can be easily done when your dog is in someone’s home.

If your dog is boarding at a kennel, there will often be a 24-hour staff on-site or during business hours. It will reassure you at the power that you can call in to check on your dog anytime. This is a better option as leaving your dog home alone will increase the chance of destructive behavior.


Most home dog boarding requires that all dogs must be vaccinated prior to their stay. Always be sure that your dog has met the required vaccinations and up to date with their flea treatment. This will help prevent harmful exposure to such diseases.

Another thing to consider is the price of the stay. It might be cheaper to have a friend or relative check on your dog on a daily basis. However, a kennel or home dog boarding will provide a better and warming experience for your dog.

What option do you plan to use for your next vacation? Comment below and let us know!